What is on Site


Our website has photographic records of 5860 ships of 118 different types.
These are owned by 1421 companies from 81 countries and can be registered in any of 420 ports
The heaviest ship weighs 390565 tonnes

Each ship can have the following searchable attributes:

A name, a photograph, the date of the photograph, a type classification, an owner, a country, or a port.
Some will have all, but there are others that do not have one or more attributes. It may be that we are not aware of them, but if we are, they will appear on the page.

The above are shared attributes, which is why they can be searched, but they can also have individual attributes as follows:

An IMO number, a pennant, a build year and a weight. Some of these are not searchable as yet, but that option may be added as the site is developed. For the moment, they show on the page when a ship is displayed.

In addition to the ships, we have links to other pages with similar interests, and you can also view the latest GOOGLE map of the River Tyne.

A new feature in this edition is an automatic link on some pages to the Google search page for the ship. Just click on the magnifying glass when it appears.link to Google search icon

Please use our feedback page to leave any comments or suggestions.