This site aspires to be the definitive photographic archive of ships and other vessels that have visited the River Tyne since 2004. During its life, it has had four revisions, and the latest one started in November 2013, when a server crash forced a long overdue rewrite.

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How to search for an item.

We have over 4000 vessels to search through, so drop down lists have been restricted as far as possible. We now use the following way to search, using a phrase from your search item.

  1. Click on a search button on the home page.
  2. This takes you to the search page for that topic.
  3. Enter up to 6 characters that you think your search term may contain.
  4. Hit <Return> OR <Enter>or clock Go to start the search.
  5. If no items are found, you will be advised to "try again" to continue. This returns you to the previous page where you can select another item.
  6. If only one item is found, it will be displayed immediately.
  7. If many items are found, you will see a list of them.
  8. Click the one that you wish to view and it will be displayed.
  9. If you then wish to make another selection from the list, scroll to the first of the display pages,and use the back button on your browser.
  10. Many items will return multiple results. A search for ships by type will often find many ships, but if you search by name, you will only get one.
  11. When this occurs, if there are over 30 items in the list, a set of links will appear in the heading. Using these will let you navigate the pages. Use your mouse or finger to scroll to see the ships on any one page.

Google Search

the search icon When the icon to the left shows on a page, you can use it to do a Google search for the ship name and type. The correct search items are automatically inserted into your search.

Results depend on Google, but so far they seem pretty accurate, at least for the larger vessels, which are often listed on their company web sites. Smaller local vessels, or ones that have not travelled far and wide may not appear.

All Google searches open in a new window, so if you forget to close one of these, the next time that you use the feature, the same window will be used, so you may not realise that the info is there.

Moral - close a Google window when you have done with it.


What is in the Archive

It is a photographic record of Tyne Shipping starting in October 2003 until today. Most of the photos have been taken by the site owner, but we also have many pictures taken by others and loaned to us. The copyright belongs to Tyneships.co.uk unless there is a name on the photo, in which case it belongs to the named person. If you would like a copy of a photo, please ask, and it may be possible to arrange it. A fee may be required.

Each photograph has the following information about the ship or vessel that it portrays: Name, Type, Owner, Port of origin, Country of origin (flag), Owner, Gross Tonnage, Pennant, Imo number and the date of the photograph.

Each of these items can be listed or found using the tools provided.

Some of the information is missing, and we try to find it whenever possible. If we do not hold it, it will not show in the text below each photo.

Please tell us about any missing items via our contact form.