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Using Text Search

Have you ever visited the docks and thought "I will look up that ship on Tyneships.co.uk when I get home."
Later you are on the site and cannot for the life in you remember the name of the ship!
That is when you visit the text search page.

It is difficult to search thousands of records, but we have found a good solution.

Enter a 3 to 6 character phrase that could be part of the ship's name in the text box and hit <Return>.
The phrase can be anywhere within the name of the ship.
If there are any ship names containing the text that you entered, they will show as a list for you to pick from.
If they don't, then either you got it wrong or its not in our database

Searches with less than 3 characters will usually result in a large number of ships, so it pays to enter at least 3.
If there is only one ship that contains the phrase that you entered, you will be taken direct to the ship info page. Good hunting!